American Legion Federal Post No. 19



Members who enroll in the Paid Up For Life program become, as the name implies, American Legion members for life. Through PUFL, Legionnaires pay a one-time fee to gain lifetime membership in the Legion.

  • To enroll, Legionnaires must be in good standing and must have held a valid membership card for the current year.

  •  Post adjutants certify members' good standing before forwarding PUFL applications.PUFL is not a discounted membership and was only established for convenience.

  •  Enrollment costs are based on two factors: applicants' age and the current annual dues of the post the applicant wishes to join.

  • Total post dues include the department and national per capita, plus a portion retained by the post.

  • PUFL membership fees are non-refundable.Applications for PUFL membership must be completed and submitted to the post adjutant or finance officer.

  • Payment should accompany the application, which the post reviews and endorses, then forwards to department headquarters.

  • From there, the application is sent to national headquarters for final processing.National Headquarters offers a Time Payment Plan to purchase a PUFL membership.

  •  The plan allows members to make monthly payments for PUFL.

  • The total membership fee must be paid in full within 12 months, and a minimum of 10 percent must accompany the application.

  • No interest or service charge is added.

  •  The member will be sent payment coupons to remit monthly to National Headquarters.Each PUFL member receives a permanent plastic card, as well as an annual paper card to verify continuing membership in The American Legion.

  • The annual card is mailed in June or July of each year.

  • Upon request, a replacement card can be provided at no charge.

To become a PUFL (Paid Up For Life) member click on the link below, it is a fillable application. After filling out the application. Print and give it to our adjutant.


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