American Legion Federal Post No. 19



Federal Unit #19 was chartered by the Department of Maryland on May 19, 1935.  Throughout the years, the members of Auxiliary Unit #19 have established and supported programs that have benefited our veterans and community.  Among those who have served as our Past Presidents are Evelyn Hughes, Florence Kerr, Mary Carson, Molly Alderman, Ernestine Graham, Marie Wilson, Estelle Mason, Jean Carwile, Rosetta Lipscomb, Joyce Brown, Carol Hector (Blue Star Mother) and current President Gina Jones.  We have two Gold Star Mothers, Florence Kerr (deceased) and Rosemarie Ceo, who have lost sons or daughters in the service of our country.

While our commitment to Post #19 is unwavering, we also support the District and Department levels.  Two of our Past Presidents, Rosetta Lipscomb and Joyce Brown, went on to become Baltimore District Presidents.  Joyce Brown is the first black female in the Baltimore District to become Department Sergeant-At-Arms.  Rosetta Lipscomb is currently Chairperson of the Baltimore District’s Department of Americanism, and Wanda Stewart is Co-Chair.  Cleo Moore is the Children & Youth Representative for the Baltimore District, and Vanessa Frazier is the Baltimore District Representative for the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Program. 

In the next four years, we hope that Auxiliary member Joyce Brown will become president for the Department of Maryland. Joyce is moving up the ladder and is running for Department Chaplain for the year 2010-2011 at the 2010 convention in July.

In the future, the members of Auxiliary Unit #19 will continue strive to become one of the best Auxiliary Units in Maryland.  We also will continue to be a family with the Legionnaires of Federal Post #19 and the Sons of Federal Squadron #19.  Finally, congratulations to Federal Post #19 on their 80th Anniversary and to Federal Squadron #19, who will celebrate their 75th Anniversary in two years

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